Staff Jobs

We are seeking the participation of artists, artisans, writers, poets, musicians and other interested volunteers in exchange for web pages. These Portfolio Pages will be most useful to artists and writers who want to show their work on the web. But a staff position also will add a solid line to your resume. Most tasks are fairly simple and can be handled without password access to the site. I expect that to change in the future, so I also welcome the experience of people who have jointly worked on a website. I also welcome Staff input about design, function, and the overall goals of the Coalition. Read the guidelines carefully. If interested, send your name, phone number and address, and indicate your first and second job preference, to: Robin Van Auken.

Staff members must have their own access to the Internet, and be able to perform their job from their location. Most tasks do not require much experience on the Internet. If possible, staffers will meet with me in the 'real' world once every couple of months. We'll correspond by email.

You will earn web pages on the Support Poetry, Art and Music site. Regional poets, artists, musicians and writers will be given preference. Your web pages -- an Online Portfolio -- will display your work and resume. You will be credited on the site, and get letters of recommendation, depending on performance. You will acquire great experience, both in networking within the art community and website management.

Publication Manager Circulation Manager Jobs Listing Manager
Research Assistant Online Publicity Manager Media Publicity Manager
Website Assistant Website Manager I Website Manager II