WEBSITE ASSISTANT (intermediate level)

The Website Assistant will check links and forms throughout the site - make sure they are current and functioning, report any broken or missing links and their page location, check for consistency throughout the site, in terms of page layout, the names of intra-site links, background color, etc.

COMMITMENT: About 45 minutes per month
REQUIREMENTS: Browser and email software. At least a 28.8 modem.
EXPERIENCE: Intermediate surf-the-web experience. Proof-reading or graphic arts experience helpful.
PAGES ON SITE: 2 portfolio pages plus e-mail.

WEBSITE MANAGER (Requires web-publishing experience) FORUMS (advanced level)

The Website Manager will help research and construct interactive forum pages and other ways of automating the responses and submissions to the site.

COMMITMENT: negotiable, depending on experience Could be limited hours per month, or many hours all at once to complete the project.
REQUIREMENTS: Browser and email software. FTP software. At least a 28.8(+) modem.
EXPERIENCE: Website construction or management. Forms creation. BBS expereince might be helpful. Organized, detail-oriented thinker.
PAGES ON SITE: You probably have your own, but you can have 5 pages on the site and e-mail.