Portfolio Services

S.P.A.M. can create an online portfolio for you. Here are our services and rates:

Your Portfolio at www.lycoming.org/spam/yourname

1-Page Portfolio: includes 1 page, 1 scan. . .$30

3-Page Portfolio: includes 1 text page w/thumbnails, 2 image pages, 6 scans. . .$70

4-Page Portfolio: includes index page (thumbnails), resume page, artist's statement or other info, 2 image pages, 10 scans. . .$100

Each additional text page. . $10

Each additional image page, including a scan (and thumbnail). . .$12.50

Each additional scan (slide or print). . .$5

Annual maintenance (free for the first year and includes your membership). . .$35

If you supply your images as photos they'll go up within a week. If you supply them as slides they'll go up within two weeks. If you do not have photographs or slides of your work, we will be happy to recommend a professional local photographer Alternatively -- If you volunteer to staff this site, you can get an online portfolio for free. Please e-mail Robin Van Auken.