Red X Link Trail

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0.00 The Link Trail leaves the Loyalsock Trail (LT) at mile 45.96, at the edge of the lawn behind the Visitor Center in Worlds End State Park.  The trail parallels PA Rt. 154, then descends to the Loyalsock Creek, and follows the shore of Loyalsock Creek upstream along bedrock formations.
0.34 Cross PA Route 154 and continue to rejoin LT at mile 44.63.  Both trails meet Double Run Nature Trail, cross West and East Branches of Double Run, and ascend to a narrow gauge railroad grade.
0.64 LT turns left on railroad grade.  The Link Trail turns right and ascends along East Branch of Double Run.  Trail passes waterfalls and ascends to switchback of railroad grade.
1.05 Railroad switchback.  Notice pigtail on right.  Length of pigtail was determined by engine and log cars, since train had to clear the switch.  Logging trains went forward and backward between switchbacks in steep areas.  Turn left on railroad grade, which crosses Mineral Spring Road and heads to another switchback
1.09 Mineral Spring Road, built on railroad grade by the men of CCC Camps 95 and 96.
1.11 Trail crosses railroad grade.  Notice switchback and pigtail on your left.  The Link Trail ascends and passes up through rock outcrop to join the blue rectangle blazed Canyon Vista Trail.
1.23 Canyon Vista Trail.  Both Trails ascend to Loyalsock Canyon Vista and rejoin the LT at mile 43.27.
1.56 Loyalsock Canyon Vista.  LT, Link Trail and Canyon Vista Trails pass by view.  Canyon Vista turns left and LT and Link Trail ascend to Cold Run Road.
1.61 Cross Cold Run Road.  Continue to rock labyrinth, a maze of large rock boulders.
1.75 LT and Link Trail separate.  LT goes straight and descends to Double Run.  Link Trail turns right and heads toward the Iron Bridge where it rejoins the LT at mile 55.33.
2.33 Descend over edge of large rock labyrinth and cross Cold Run and railroad grade.
2.57 Link Trail enters timber harvest area for .32 miles and crosses haul road at mile 2.79
2.92 Descend over rock outcrop, turn right, and gradually descend along rock ledges on right.
3.39 Link Trail enters dense area of hemlock trees, crosses railroad grade and Vinegar Run.
3.48 Re-cross Cold Run Road, pass gate, and begin following woods road.  Link Trail joins orange blazed Bridle Trail and continue together.
3.91 Open area. Vinegar Run is on the left.
4.32 Link Trail ascends to the right, and Bridle Trail continues on the road.
4.47 Large boulder on left.  Turn left on old woods road.
4.58 Open area and intersection with woods road and Bridle Trail.  Turn right.
4.63 Intersection with another woods road.  Bridle Trail goes right on new road.  Link Trail crosses road, enters woods, and soon turns left on an old woods road.
4.81 Turn left off woods road and begin descent to Shanerburg Run.
5.18 Turn left on woods road which parallels Shanerburg Run to PA Route 154.
5.30 Cross PA Route 154, turn right, cross bridge, and follow berm of highway.
5.37 Turn left off highway, descend, turn right, and head up Loyalsock Creek on bedrock formations.
5.46 Cross mouth of Pole Bridge Run and continue along Loyalsock Creek.
5.50 Trail ascends back of creek and continues upstream.
6.16 Link Trail ascends from creek, has two switchbacks, and continues to PA Route 154 to bypass cliff ahead.
6.37 PA Route 154.  Turn left and follow berm of highway.
6.50 Trail turns left off highway, enters woods, and switchbacks to Loyalsock Creek.
6.65 Make sharp right, descend, and follow creek.
6.91 Bear left on road and follow it to bridge and parking area near the Iron Bridge.
6.98 Cross Rock Run Road and rejoin the Loyalsock Trail at mile 55.33.
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